Enter your 4 digit pin and press the CompKey

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How To Create An Addendum:

  • Enter your PIN number, insert CompKey into an available USB port of your computer and press the green light on the CompKey.
  • Select the record you want to resolve.
  • The compliance reason will be displayed on the left side of the screen. Look at the reason and type or select a response from the drop down menu.
  • After ALL reasons are resolved, click on "Review for Attest".
  • Enter addendum remarks, if needed. Click on "Review for Attest".
  • Review addendum for accuracy & completeness. If acceptable, click "Attest" at the bottom of the screen. If not, click "Cancel" and change or complete your responses.
  • You will go back to the home page and select next record to resolve.


  • "Addendum Remarks" field will become part of the permanent record if used to assist compliance.
  • "Comments to HBS Staff" will not become part of the permanent record.
  • Instructions with Screenshots can be found here.
  • For support please call (763) 852-0444